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So says the team at Kirameki when talking about the difficulties of translating the comedy dialogue of Captain Rainbow’s Hikari into English. You can read the full interview with Kirameki over at gamestm.co.uk and learn more about the translation process behind Captain Rainbow.

Oh and while you’re at it, have a look at this round-up of the new Wii U games that were announced today. There’s an unlikely connection to Captain Rainbow right at the bottom.


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Nuff said, really.

The awesome team over at Kirameki has completed its translation of Captain Rainbow and announced that it expects to have the patch ready by Christmas. This news was actually announced over a month ago but, as usual, I was asleep when it happened. Still, I am damn excited. As are quite a few people actually. Just check out this guy on Kirameki’s comments page, who says


Lovely stuff. In other Kirameki related news, I heartily recommend that you follow the team at its new Facebook or Google+ pages. This group isn’t just working on Captain Rainbow, folks, it’s dedicated to a handful of cool games and seems to generally have interesting stuff to say. Get following.

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English screen by Kirameki

Most of you are probably already aware of this but it looks as though Kirameki’s Captain Rainbow fan translation is nearly finished. Under a new team of hackers and editors, the group has made fantastic progress, enough to be able to release a trio of preview videos.

Interestingly the old progress counter has now been removed, presumably to prevent false expectation and to take a little pressure off the volunteer team, but it really does look as though we’ll finally be able to play an English version of this absolutely brilliant game very soon. No thanks to Nintendo.

Actually, with Nintendo UK blazing a localisation trail with The Last Story, Xenoblade Chronicles and Pandora’s Tower this year I wonder what might have been if Captain Rainbow had been included in Operation Rainfall. Then again, the infamous Birdo storyline may have always torpedoed its chances.

(PS – There’s quite a bit more Lovedelic-related news but I’ll save that for a separate post. Captain Rainbow is special enough to get his own)

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Lovedelic Life presents, in association with NTSC-uk, the one and only English language walkthrough for Captain Rainbow.

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Good news! Indie translation group Kirameki has finally completed its English translation of Skip’s Giftpia. The translation can be found here, and though there’s currently no patch so you can play in English on your telly, Kirameki is eager for any interested hackers to contact them. Text is better than nothing, of course, and I for one will be taking advantage of the translation, with the GameCube on my TV and the script running on my iPad. And if I get a bit stuck, well there’s always NTSC-uk’s handy guide.

Now how about that Captain Rainbow translation that Kirameki’s also working on? A member of the group got in touch with me and said, “Sadly, captain rainbow is still ongoing.” Doesn’t sound too promising does it? Well, until it’s done, NTSC-uk (again) has you covered with a nice little guide.

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In amongst the chaos and excitement of E3, I’ve been combing through all the news to see if there have been any Lovedelic-related announcements. Alas, the current financial state of the games industry, leading to the near collapse of publishers like Marvelous, and the fact Lovedelic-style games hardly ever get announced at a big tradeshow, means that there was nothing to report. I’d almost given up hope and then a bunch of little tidbits arrived at once. Here’s a round-up…

  • Tiny Cartridge has a nice little news piece about the fortunes of struggling developer Audio Inc, claiming that Sakura Note came close to being localised by Ignition, only to be denied release after some consideration, and that Akira Ueda believes Space Agency would work extremely well on the Nintendo 3DS.
  • Toni, the English editor for the Captain Rainbow fan translation has posted in our comments section to say that he believes the project will be complete in around 3 months! I’m very excited about this one. 🙂
  • Route24’s latest game, Followars, has been released for iPad. I played it today and have to say that I’m not that impressed. It’s a 2-player only battle game that uses stats generated from those you choose to “follow” on Twitter. There’s no interaction beyond which people you choose for your party and the whole thing comes across as a modern version of Barcode Battler. It could be rather novel as a free download but as a game there are much better things to spend £1.79 on.
  • Skip’s latest game has also been released today. Previously available in Europe as Art Style: Penta Tentacles, it’s now up on the US WiiWare store as Art Style: Rotozoa. I haven’t had chance to play it, since I’m currently broke, but it sure does look fun.

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Good news comes courtesy of waxingerratic. Kirameki, a fan translation group I’ve never actually never heard of before, is working on English and Italian translations of Captain Rainbow. And why not? This one of my favourite games, despite the fact that I don’t understand a word of it, and I’m sure it can only be better in my native tongue. Shame on Nintendo for not releasing it worldwide and good on Kirameki for picking up the baton.

It’s still early days for the translation, around 25% of the English script done so far, but there is an official page for the project here. The most encouraging detail, as far as I see, is that the patch will work much like the recent Fatal Frame IV translation, requiring only an SD card to work. No modified hardware and no copied/patched DVD needed!

In addition to this fabulous news, Kirameki is also running a poll, allowing readers to suggest what the next project will be. There are tons of great games in the possible candidates, but of most note to this site are Giftpia and Welcome Home Chibi-Robo! I voted for Giftpia and I’m pleased to see that it’s currently leading the polls… Although I would love to see a translation of SGGG/Segagaga some day. What a totally original and Lovedelic worthy game from Sega.

And while we’re on the subject of fan translations, has anyone heard about the old Moon: Remix RPG Adventure translation lately? The forum seems to have closed and the webpage hasn’t been updated. Shame.

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