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Genki Videogames has a copy of Lack Of Love in stock once again. It’s a little pricey at £42 but copies of this game don’t come around very often and it seems to be getting rarer and rarer. I still think it’s worth the price though, you’ll get much more entertainment out of it than say a £55 copy of Call Of Duty: Black Ops. So if you haven’t already played LOL then do yourself a favour and snap it up before someone else does. You won’t regret it.

And if you have already played it then why not buy it for a friend as a late Christmas present? It may be the greatest gift you ever give.

EDIT: And as AGS says below, VideoGameImports also has one in stock for the bargain price of £36. VGI is traditionally more expensive than Genki in my experience so £36 really is a good deal.


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As reported on Sitesakamoto, Ryuichi Sakamoto, the composer behind LOL: Lack Of Love and Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence is about to embark on a rare American tour that is scheduled to begin… today, actually, in Pennsylvania and continue until the 5th of November where it will conclude in California.

No setlist has been published yet, as far as I can tell, so there’s no way to know if Sakamoto plans to perform any of the tunes from Lack Of Love but if someone over there in the States wants to go see him and let me know then please feel free.

For everyone else who, like me, is unable to fly half way around the world to see Mr Sakamoto then may I remind you that the soundtrack to Lack Of Love is still available via iTunes and is still awesome.

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If you’re stuck for something to do while waiting for Captain Rainbow to be translated then I suggest you play Lovedelic’s rather excellent LOL: Lack Of Love on Dreamcast. It was never released outside of Japan but, unlike Captain Rainbow, it has no language barrier whatsoever. If you’ve already played it or not, you may also like to hear how this interesting little oddity was made. And for that you’ll be wanting this rather fine gamesTM feature written by myself many moons ago and uploaded to the gTM website today.

Check it out.

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Just like it says in the title, Genki Videogames currently has a copy of LOL: Lack Of Love in stock. At £54.99 it’s definitely not cheap but the game seems to be getting rarer all the time and it is, like I need to remind you, one of the greatest games ever made.

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As is becoming common these days, I’ve completely neglected this blog as real life gets in the way and countless Lovedelic happenings come and go. Here’s everything you should be aware of, that I can remember.


The big news of course, is that Route24 has released Newtonica2 on iPhone for the bargain price of just 59 pence. I picked this up a while ago and I’m really liking it. The game is completely different to the first one and is well worth picking up in addition. I’d kind of liken it to ‘space pool’, in that you have to knock a ball (space chick) into a hole, by bouncing him around the screen with gravity emitting cue balls. All in all it’s a really good puzzle game with a fiendish difficulty curve.


If you enjoy reading about Lovedelic and its offspring in places other than this blog (I wouldn’t blame you) then check out the following. GamesTM magazine has recently run a couple of substantial features. One in issue 76 took a look at the characters of Captain Rainbow and compared them to their retro counterparts, while another in issue 77 interviewed good old Kenichi Nishi about the making of LOL: Lack Of Love. In other news, Patrick Alexander, at the delightful EEGRA, has finally transcribed the second part of his Nishi/Skip interview and it is ESSENTIAL that you give it a read. As usual, Patrick asks some smart questions and gets some equally smart answers.


As I may or may not have reported before, Skip’s Art Style series is set to hit DSiWare in Japan just before Christmas, and details of the first two games in the series have just been announced. One is called Aquario and the other is called Decode. Follow the links to scope them both out. Then pray for a worldwide release in 2009.

That’s all for now. Go away, have a great Christmas break and we’ll hopefully share some more Lovedelic moments in the new year.


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I finally finished Lack Of Love this weekend after neglecting the game for some time. What can I say? The ending’s great and truly felt like the climax of an emotional journey. If I get a chance next week, I’ll do it again and record the conclusion for YouTube.

After finishing the whole thing I got to thinking how much Ryuichi Sakamoto’s score really helps convey the emotion of the story and gameworld. Then I got to thinking that I might buy the soundtrack that was released alongside the game. Easier said than done. Though it was released on CD just 8 years ago I’ve found the L.O.L soundtrack quite hard to track down. The only place I saw it had an asking price of $99, which is a bit too rich for my blood.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that you can buy the whole thing on iTunes, however, for under a tenner. I prefer physical products, but if I don’t find a cheap CD soon then I may have to go for the digital version. I’m quite eager to see how the music holds up out of context.

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Sorry I haven’t posted much recently. I’d originally intended to have finished Lack Of Love and posted my full review by now but a few things have managed to get in my way. My birthday came and went, taking with it about a week of my life, and I’ve recently become addicted to the utterly wonderful Lost Odyssey.

I should be returning to Lack Of Love as soon as possible. In the meantime, how about a nice video? I recorded the folowing clip about half way through the game. It’s a lovely little animation that’s shown to you in order to explain why your planet is being interfered with. I love the way it communicates its message without words and the music is adorable.

Apologies for the quality of the clip – it’s camcorded straight from my TV set. 😦

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