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Actually I found out a few weeks ago but forgot to post it here.

For those who don’t remember, Oink Games is the mysterious co-developer who turned up in the credits of  Chibi-Robo: Photo Finder. Well I contacted them on Twitter for more info and they were nice enough to reply. It turns out some of the staff were formerly programmer at Skip and previously worked on the bitGenerations and ArtStyle series, including Orbient, Aquario, Boxlife and PentaTentacles.

So that’s pretty cool! Anyone who’s kept an eye on Skip’s infrequently updated site will have noticed that their in-house staff have certainly dwindled over the past few years but it’s cool that Skip can contract them back in on a project-by-project basis. So there’s hope for another game with the size and scope of Captain Rainbow again… Right?


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Screen shot 2014-01-13 at 23.01.19I haven’t finished Chibi-Robo Photo Finder yet, but this chap on Miiverse did and he’s snapped a picture of the end credits. Curiously, two of the staff in this screen are credited to a developer I’ve never heard of until today. While Dan Yamamoto and Fumihiro Kanaya are definitely both Skip employees, they’re also members of Oink Games – a company that appears to be more associated with board games than the video kind.

I’d love to know more about this company and its relationship to Skip. I’ve reached out to them on Twitter but have had no reply so far. If you can shed any light on the subject I’d love to hear more. Please leave a comment below…

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After 4 years of inactivity, Skip have finally updated their website! There’s not much of note, however, just a splash page linking to Chibi-Robo Photography. Actually – the site calls it “Chibi-Robo in Live Action” but I’ve kind of gotten used to the Photography name now.

The most noteworthy point is that the site definitively claims “Our company was involved in the development of this software”, which is nice to hear after a few rumours to the contrary.

Does this re-awakening suggest a new period of creative urgency? Possibly. The fact that Skip also just opened its first Twitter account – they’re trying not to talk about games they develop for Nintendo but are replying to fans – certainly gives me hope.

What would you like to see from Skip in the months ahead? Personally I’m hoping for another game as original, ambitious and outrageous as Captain Rainbow…

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English screen by Kirameki

Most of you are probably already aware of this but it looks as though Kirameki’s Captain Rainbow fan translation is nearly finished. Under a new team of hackers and editors, the group has made fantastic progress, enough to be able to release a trio of preview videos.

Interestingly the old progress counter has now been removed, presumably to prevent false expectation and to take a little pressure off the volunteer team, but it really does look as though we’ll finally be able to play an English version of this absolutely brilliant game very soon. No thanks to Nintendo.

Actually, with Nintendo UK blazing a localisation trail with The Last Story, Xenoblade Chronicles and Pandora’s Tower this year I wonder what might have been if Captain Rainbow had been included in Operation Rainfall. Then again, the infamous Birdo storyline may have always torpedoed its chances.

(PS – There’s quite a bit more Lovedelic-related news but I’ll save that for a separate post. Captain Rainbow is special enough to get his own)

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Thanks to Quinton A. Klabon who got in touch this weekend to draw my attention to this Japanese edition of Iwata Asks, focused on Wii Remote Plus: Variety Pack – better known in the western world as Wii Play: Motion. Why is it of interest to you? Because the mini-games in this variety pack were developed by a clutch of Japan’s finest boutique developers, including both Skip and Vanpool as well as Prope, Feel Good Inc, Chunsoft, Mitchell and Arzest – all brilliant studios with some excellent games under their belts, and apparently selected by Nintendo to bring some of their own identity as creators to the Wii Play: Motion project.

The interview features contributions from Jun Taniguchi of Vanpool and Keita Eto of Skip, who reveal that they developed the mini-games Umbrella Rider (Vanpool) and Pose Mii and Balloon Drifting (Skip). Of the three, Umbrella Rider seems to be the most fun and may even be the pick of the bunch if the trailer (below) is anything to go by. So well done Vanpool!

It’s difficult to make out exactly what they’re saying through Google translator, so hopefully this one will be translated for the US or UK version of Iwata Asks soon as the story behind the collaborative development of Wii Play: Motion seems pretty interesting. Like many I’d dismissed Wii Play: Motion as yet another watered down party game for a console that’s quickly running out of compelling software. It may still be that, of course, but I’m now much more likely to check it out.

Of course, it’s just a relief to hear that these two studios are still working. Neither of their websites give much indication of any activity these days – Skip’s hasn’t been updated in over two years! – and I was beginning to get worried. In fact, not only are they alive and well but it seems they’ve been more productive than first thought. The information in this Iwata Asks has revealed to me that Skip managed to sneak a game out last year without my knowledge – it’s a WiiWare game called Penguin Life and actually got a US release under the (frankly rubbish) name of Snowpack Park. Looks like I need to get downloading!

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Good news! Indie translation group Kirameki has finally completed its English translation of Skip’s Giftpia. The translation can be found here, and though there’s currently no patch so you can play in English on your telly, Kirameki is eager for any interested hackers to contact them. Text is better than nothing, of course, and I for one will be taking advantage of the translation, with the GameCube on my TV and the script running on my iPad. And if I get a bit stuck, well there’s always NTSC-uk’s handy guide.

Now how about that Captain Rainbow translation that Kirameki’s also working on? A member of the group got in touch with me and said, “Sadly, captain rainbow is still ongoing.” Doesn’t sound too promising does it? Well, until it’s done, NTSC-uk (again) has you covered with a nice little guide.

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Everyone seems to be on Twitter these days, and the Lovedelic clan are no exception. A fair few of them spend all day tweeting away, so why not follow them? Ok, most of the posts are in Japanese but you’ll occasionally see something in English or a link to an interesting new project, maybe even a cryptic clue to a big secret.

Here are the Lovedelic Twitter accounts I’ve found so far, please add any more in the comments below if you know of them.

Kenichi Nishi of Route24 (formerly Skip)

Yoshiro Kimura of Grasshopper (formerly Marvelous, Punchline)

Kazuyuki Kurashima character designer for Lovedelic and Vanpool

Keita Eto of Skip

Ryuichi Sakamoto composer on Lack Of Love

Hiroshi Suzuki of Skip and Fieldsystem

Audio Inc (Contact, Sakura Note, Space Agency)

Vanpool (Endnesia, Tingle)

If you’d also like to follow yours truly then you can find me here. It’s my personal account so mostly contains my mindless ramblings but you may see something Lovedelic related from time to time.

Finally, I don’t believe this is a verified account.

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