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inline-4-3918-5Yoshiro Kimura, designer of Little King’s Story, developer of several Lovedelic greats (Moon, UFO, L.O.L, Chulip, Rule Of Rose) and friend of Lovedelic Life has given a rather excellent interview with N-Sider.com. The Q&A mostly focuses on the making of Little King’s Story but it also briefly discusses Kimura’s concept for a new game (pictured) that appears to be based on Little Red Riding Hood.

I personally hope that this idea goes into production very soon. The world famous fairy tale is extremely suitable for videogame form (I’m thinking survival-horror…) and the mixture of children’s fable and subversive sexual metaphor would make it the ideal follow-up to Kimura’s controversial Rule Of Rose.


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The ever insightful Brandon Sheffield has recently posted an interview with David Cage, the director Quantic Dream and the mind behind modern adventure games Nomad Soul, Fahrenheit and Heavy Rain.  Toward the end of the interview the pair get to talking about the cencorship of mature games and Cage brings up the example of Rule of Rose – a game, made by ex-Lovedelic folks Punchline, that was withdrawn from sale in the UK due to unwarranted presssure from the popular press.

Here’s what David had to say. I found it quite interesting.


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