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Kenichi Nishi has updated his blog with a post that appears to suggest a new game may be in development. Babelish isn’t helping too much with the text but the accompanying photograph appears to be taken from inside the offices of Sarugakucho.

For those of you who aren’t aware, Sarugakucho is a Japanese consulting agency that specialises in videogame “tuning”. More than just a beta testing studio, they offer advice at every stage of development, right from the initial concept. They recently helped out with Archime DS and also worked with Skip on Giftpia and Chibi-Robo.

The fact that Nishi has attended a meeting at their offices strongly suggests that development of Route24’s second videogame (after Archime) has begun. But at what stage is the development and what platform is it on? I have no idea but feel free to speculate in the comments field below.

UPDATE: Nishi’s other blog at StudioVoice.jp reveals that he has been experimenting with software development for Apple’s handheld devices. Could this mean that his next game will definitely appear on an iPhone or iPod? Personally, I hope not. Although I’m a huge Apple fan (this blog is written on a Mac Mini) the only Apple handheld I own is an iPod Shuffle, which isn’t very well suited to playing games. 😦


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