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Win a copy of Bakushow…

Too cheap to buy a copy of Bakushow/LOL/ArchimeDS? You’re in luck as the lovely, lovely people at Radio Ninty currently have a competition to win a copy of Bakushow. Get over there right now and see if you can win one. Oh and check out the podcasts while you’re there. Stuart and Centy make for very entertaining hosts and really know there stuff.


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Points of Review

Check your UK newsstand this month and you’ll find a couple of reviews for Bakushow, the PAL version of ArchimeDS. One was written by me for gamesTM and scored a 7/10 and the other was done by a good friend of mine for N.Revolution and scored an 8.

I know what you’re thinking. How could I score a game I love so much just 7/10? Well there are a number of reasons. One was that Bakushow is technically inferior to ArchimeDS as you’ll read in the review, the other is that I have to look at games from a slightly different perspective when writing for gamesTM.

It’s funny though. As I said to some of my colleagues when writing the review, ArchimeDS is one of those games that’s almost impossible to score as it relies so much on the input of the players. Just take a look at the Metacritic page for US release LOL. It’s scoring anywhere in the range between 1 and 10 and the funny thing is that I can’t bring myself to disagree with any of the reviews. More so than any other game before it, I think ArchimeDS is one that can provoke all kinds of responses: no one more ‘correct’ than the other. Apart from the one you’ll find on this blog, of course. 😉

Whatever the reviews say, however. I reckon that ArchimeDS/LOL/Bakushow/whatever is a game that’s so unique, such a brave concept, that you should at least give it a try and then decide for yourself.

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In the house

Bakushow - in Super Blurro-visionIf you’re interested… there’ll be a review of Bakushow in gamesTM Issue 72, which should be on sale around the 10th of July.

If you’re not interested, soak up this amazing photograph anyway. The blurriness loves you.

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LOL is now on sale

Following a brief delay, LOL (the US version of ArchimeDS) is now available to buy from Agetec’s website. Due to the multiplayer only nature of the game, it is only available to buy online but it is retailing quite cheaply, at the price of $19.99.

Although I already own ArchimeDS, I’ll be picking up a copy of LOL just to support Route24 and to see if Agetec have made any changes to the game. I’ll let you know, if so.

EDIT: I just tried to order the game but it seems you cannot do so unless you have a US address. I’ll contact Agetec to see if there’s a workaround but I strongly suspect I may have to rely on a friend in the states or eBay. 😦

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I should have reported this ages ago but I’ve been super busy with work all week.

If you happen to be in Tokyo this weekend then get yourself over to the Tokyo Big Site where the Design Festa convention is taking place. Kenichi Nishi will be there once again demoing ArchimeDS and selling copies at a discount price.

This is a great opportunity to meet the designer of Moon, Lack Of Love and Chibi-Robo! And if I was in Tokyo I’d probably go to the convention on both days of the weekend.

If you can’t make the show then try using the web-chat at Nishi’s blog. I can’t get the cam to work, though that may have something to do with the time differences between the UK and Japan. Or maybe I’m just stupid.

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Just when you think you know everything about a game, along comes some clever clogs to make you realise you’re just like all the other clueless idiots. This is exactly what happened today when I learned that I’ve been pronouncing ArchimeDS wrong.

I’ve always referred to it as “Arch Immy DS” but it’s actually pronounced “Archimedes”, you know, like the Greek mathematician. Now the name makes a lot more sense! Thanks to Issue 22 of the lovely N.Revolution magazine for pointing out what should have been obvious.

P.S. – I promise that I will post about something other than ArchimeDS/LOL/Bakushow one of these days. Just gimme a chance.

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LOL Box Art

Thanks to reader Tommy Korberg for drawing my attention to the US’s LOL boxart. I had no idea it had even been revealed yet.

Tommy thinks it’s even more of an atrocity than the Bakushow art but I’m going to have to disagree. I actually quite like it, especially as it uses all of the original art from Archime.

Anyway. Here are the three different boxes together so you can compare for yourself. Let me know which your favourite is.

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