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In amongst the chaos and excitement of E3, I’ve been combing through all the news to see if there have been any Lovedelic-related announcements. Alas, the current financial state of the games industry, leading to the near collapse of publishers like Marvelous, and the fact Lovedelic-style games hardly ever get announced at a big tradeshow, means that there was nothing to report. I’d almost given up hope and then a bunch of little tidbits arrived at once. Here’s a round-up…

  • Tiny Cartridge has a nice little news piece about the fortunes of struggling developer Audio Inc, claiming that Sakura Note came close to being localised by Ignition, only to be denied release after some consideration, and that Akira Ueda believes Space Agency would work extremely well on the Nintendo 3DS.
  • Toni, the English editor for the Captain Rainbow fan translation has posted in our comments section to say that he believes the project will be complete in around 3 months! I’m very excited about this one. 🙂
  • Route24’s latest game, Followars, has been released for iPad. I played it today and have to say that I’m not that impressed. It’s a 2-player only battle game that uses stats generated from those you choose to “follow” on Twitter. There’s no interaction beyond which people you choose for your party and the whole thing comes across as a modern version of Barcode Battler. It could be rather novel as a free download but as a game there are much better things to spend £1.79 on.
  • Skip’s latest game has also been released today. Previously available in Europe as Art Style: Penta Tentacles, it’s now up on the US WiiWare store as Art Style: Rotozoa. I haven’t had chance to play it, since I’m currently broke, but it sure does look fun.

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Play-Asia is having a huge sale to celebrate Chinese New Year. 5000 items discounted! And there are a few Lovedelic school games included. Here’s what’s left.

Sakura Note – £25.21

Bit Generations: Boundish – £6.26

Captain Rainbow – £12.57 [EDIT – As Douglas points out, Captain Rainbow has already reverted to its whopping £41 price tag. Ouch! I hope you all picked it up while you had the chance]

I particularly recommend that you pick up Captain Rainbow if you don’t already own it. It’s an absolutely essential Skip game and I can’t believe how cheaply it’s being sold. Personally, I’ll be buying Sakura Note. I’ve been putting off getting the Audio adventure in the hope that an English translation would be announced, but it doesn’t look very likely at this point.

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So the release of Audio Inc’s Sakura Note came and went without me really noticing. I’ll probably care in the unlikely event that it is released in English but, until then, I can’t see it being much fun to play. Anyone out there own it and disagree? Let me know in the comments below.

Despite Sakura Note being out for just a few weeks, Audio is already cracking on with a new title called Space*Agency – which you can see in the video above. According to Audio’s Akira Ueda, the studio was working on Space*Agency a few years ago but had to put the project on hold to work on various contract games. They’re back on track now but are looking for a worldwide publisher before they can go into full development – hence the proof of concept trailer.

Are you a publisher with a few bob to spare? I’d like it very much if you could fund development of Space*Agency. Audio’s games just don’t get translated often enough.

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Sakura petsOk, I admit it. I’m just not that interested in Lovedelic games at the moment. My retro glands have been pumping LucasArts classics for the past two or three months, swollen with excitement at the new Monkey Island series. And it’s October, so I’ve been indulging in the big Christmas hits like Uncharted 2 while drooling over forthcoming software like DJ Hero, Assassin’s Creed II and New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

But who can blame me? There’s very little of interest going on in Lovedelic Land at the moment. Only Sakura Note seems to show any signs of life and, to be honest, I can’t get too excited about that at present. Fortunately, however, the lovely people at Tiny Cartridge have been doing a fine job of tracking Audio’s project on the new DS RPG and I heartily recommend that you check out their findings here.

Now then, I’ll have one more post for you today but then I’m off back to the PS3. 😉

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As is becoming far too common, the wonderful people at Tiny Cartridge have beat me to another Lovedelic related story. This time it’s about a competition Marvelous is holding, in which fans can send in nostalgic photographs from their childhood for inclusion on the site.

I’m not sure if they mean photos that were taken when you were a child or new photos that represent memories of your childhood, but this is a cool idea all the same. If you enter the contest then let me know how it goes below.

ALSO: Tiny Cartridge reports that Audio would very much like to see Sakura Note localised. Which is very good news in the current climate, when the last two Chibi-Robo games and the latest Tingle look set to stay Japan-only.

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