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Full of Surprises

While you wait for the post I promised on Day 1, here’s a nice little extra for you.

My copy of UFO – A Day In The Life arrived this morning. It’s the first time I’ve seen this game ‘in the flesh’ and was shocked to find what looked like a CD-R upon opening the case. For a split second I really was fooled into thinking that I’d been sold a counterfeit game or had got lucky and scored a ‘developer’s build’.

Closer inspection reveals it to just be a clever copy of a copy. It’s something I’ve seen several times before. See the Greatest Hits of The Barenaked Ladies or the region 1 DVD for Army of Darkness. But none of them have ever managed to successfully trick me, until now. Better still, the joke goes that little bit further when you remove the CD and find a photographic replica of the PlayStation CD-ROM drive underneath.

Such things are typical of the Lovedelic developers – they can often surprise or delight you before you’ve even started playing the game.

UFO Case

UFO Disc

UFO Inlay


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