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Did you know Kenichi Nishi worked for Telenet? I didn't.

While reading through this short 1UP piece on Captain Rainbow I noticed a reference to Kenichi Nishi working for Telenet Japan before he founded Lovedelic.

Now I know Nishi worked for Squaresoft pre-Moon but this is the first I’d heard about him working at Telenet. So I checked his Mobygames page and found that it was recently updated to include credits on the likes of Exile, Psycho Dream and Tenshi no Uta (pictured).

I’ve never played any of these games but I sure want to now, especially since the 1UP piece mentions Tenshi no Uta’s convention breaking ending. If you’ve played any of these games, let me know what you think of them.


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I’m not sure I understand all the details but something is definitely happening. Following the enormous response to the Twitter campaign to create a sequel to Moon, the game’s three core creators Kenichi Nishi, Taro Kudo and Yoshiro Kimura have been meeting to discuss how they might go about actually creating the game. The two photos shown here were taken by Nishi and Kimura to document the meeting. It really does seem that things may actually be put into motion.

In addition to this, the group has launched a Ustream live TV channel so that fans can join in on the next reunion. According to GhaleonQ, who has kindly filled me in on Twitter, the live event will be a celebration of the Lovedelic era and will feature a chance to win rare Lovedelic merchandise via auction. There will also be a live discussion about how a sequel to Moon may be made. The notes on the Ustream page mention that fans have been asking whether the sequel will come to  PSP, 3DS or download but Nishi’s comments seem to suggest that it’s far too early for that kind of talk. More interestingly, GhaleonQ tells me that Lovedelic itself is not being reformed but that if Moon 2 is made it will be a co-production between the three creators. This obviously means that Nishi’s Route24 and Kudo’s Vanpool will be involved but I’m unsure how Kimura will participate, having just moved to Grasshopper. My assumption is that he will just operate in his free time under the Town Factory label. If anything happens at all.

Anyway, if the info on the Ustream page is correct then the event is set to broadcast on Tuesday the 21st of December for two hours. The starting time for us Brits is a little inconvenient, as it’s set for 10:30. For everyone else it should be less of a problem. American PST is 02:30, EST is 05:30 and Japan is 19:30. If you do tune in, and you’re fluent in Japanese, then please be sure to let me know how things unfold.

Also: As my personal life is still keeping me from maintaining this blog as much as I’d like, you probably be best following this NeoGAF thread for all your up to the minute Moon 2 news.

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As a few people have informed me, there’ s a ton of noise coming from Kenichi Nishi and Yoshiro Kimura about a possible sequel to Moon: Remix RPG Adventure. It’s a bit difficult to work out exactly what’s going on but this thread on NeoGAF suggests that the aformentioned designers might be using Twitter to gauge fan interest.

It’s been suggested that anyone interested use the tag #moon2 on Twitter, and I’ve done just that today. Click here to see what everyone’s saying.

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If you’re stuck for something to do while waiting for Captain Rainbow to be translated then I suggest you play Lovedelic’s rather excellent LOL: Lack Of Love on Dreamcast. It was never released outside of Japan but, unlike Captain Rainbow, it has no language barrier whatsoever. If you’ve already played it or not, you may also like to hear how this interesting little oddity was made. And for that you’ll be wanting this rather fine gamesTM feature written by myself many moons ago and uploaded to the gTM website today.

Check it out.

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In amongst the chaos and excitement of E3, I’ve been combing through all the news to see if there have been any Lovedelic-related announcements. Alas, the current financial state of the games industry, leading to the near collapse of publishers like Marvelous, and the fact Lovedelic-style games hardly ever get announced at a big tradeshow, means that there was nothing to report. I’d almost given up hope and then a bunch of little tidbits arrived at once. Here’s a round-up…

  • Tiny Cartridge has a nice little news piece about the fortunes of struggling developer Audio Inc, claiming that Sakura Note came close to being localised by Ignition, only to be denied release after some consideration, and that Akira Ueda believes Space Agency would work extremely well on the Nintendo 3DS.
  • Toni, the English editor for the Captain Rainbow fan translation has posted in our comments section to say that he believes the project will be complete in around 3 months! I’m very excited about this one. 🙂
  • Route24’s latest game, Followars, has been released for iPad. I played it today and have to say that I’m not that impressed. It’s a 2-player only battle game that uses stats generated from those you choose to “follow” on Twitter. There’s no interaction beyond which people you choose for your party and the whole thing comes across as a modern version of Barcode Battler. It could be rather novel as a free download but as a game there are much better things to spend £1.79 on.
  • Skip’s latest game has also been released today. Previously available in Europe as Art Style: Penta Tentacles, it’s now up on the US WiiWare store as Art Style: Rotozoa. I haven’t had chance to play it, since I’m currently broke, but it sure does look fun.

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I’m super busy as usual and haven’t had chance to update the blog as much as I’d like. Thank Jesus for creating the big Easter break, so I can finally get stuff done. 🙂 Here’s everything of interest that I can recall happening.

  • CING, the co-developer of Little King’s Story, has filed for bankruptcy.
    What can I say? I’m really sorry to see such a talented developer go under, but then I’m not really surprised either. LKS aside, CING’s output has been a little one note. I loved Another Code when it was first released, but Hotel Dusk and Another Code R didn’t really do anything to evolve on the concept. Even though CING is now gone, we still have two more of their games to look forward to in the recently released Again: Eye Of Providence and Hotel Dusk sequel Last Window. I’ll be picking both up out of curiosity but I’m not holding my breath for either to be a swansong.
  • Punchline’s website disappeared
    I’m certain that Punchline was abandoned a couple of years ago, but the official website did stick around for a while until it finally went kaput at the beginning of this year. Incidentally, I recently picked up a copy of Chulip on eBay. It’s a wonderful little game, full of Yoshiro Kimura’s unique brand of humour and with a ‘go there, fetch that, please this guy’ gameplay that reminds me of Lovedelic and Skip’s best adventure games. The disc is widely and cheaply available on eBay so I strongly suggest you get a copy if you don’t have one already.
  • Route24 has some new games in the works
    Marvelous Entertainment is set to publish Route24’s first iPad exclusive game, Followars – a multiplayer RPG that will pull data from your Twitter account in order to generate stats. Marvelous got in touch with me a few days ago and asked if we could pass on a message from Kenichi Nishi. Here it is: “Hi to all Twitter and iPad’s fans! And even if you are not, hi to you too! To be honest, I don’t have any clue why you fight in Followars, I really wanted to create a fun game.
    Right now, I’m still really busy trying to brush it up, see what works or adding new stuff but I’m confident that Followars will be a great social game so please give it a try!”
    . Personally I’m not that interested in Followars, as I don’t have a Twitter account and don’t intend to get one. Nor am I that bothered about Geotrion, another Nishi project currently in the works for iPhone and iPod Touch, since it seems to rely heavily on GPS functionality – another bit of tech I don’t use. If you feel differently then why not get involved in the limited beta test? Nishi does seem committed to the app store space, and I look forward to seeing what other unusual ideas he has planned – I just wish they were more character/story based, just because of my personal tastes.
  • Nintendo released video of the new Art Style games
    There’s still no release date for Skip’s latest experimental creations but we do have video! Check out Rotozoa here and Light Trax here. I’d originally written of the latter as a simple remake of bit Generations: Dot Stream, but the new 3D visuals definitely seem to give it that extra something. Speaking of Art Style, and 3D, surely Skip can cook up something really special and unique for Nintendo’s accidentally announced ‘3DS’ handheld? I look forward to being proved right.
  • Space Agency development seems to be progressing
    Akira Ueda at Audio Inc recently updated his blog with a pretty detailed look at Space Agency. I’m not sure if this project has acquired a publisher yet but I really hope it does. I’ve always loved the idea of a space exploration RPG but rarely find a game that can get the tone exactly as I want it. Star Control II and Puzzle Quest Galactrix are just about the only games in the sub-genre I’ve ever warmed to and, just recently, I was looking forward to Platinum’s Infinite Space only to find that it’s extreeeeeeeemly dull. Here’s hoping that Space Agency can get things right. I certainly seems to be good fun.

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