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I’m not sure I understand all the details but something is definitely happening. Following the enormous response to the Twitter campaign to create a sequel to Moon, the game’s three core creators Kenichi Nishi, Taro Kudo and Yoshiro Kimura have been meeting to discuss how they might go about actually creating the game. The two photos shown here were taken by Nishi and Kimura to document the meeting. It really does seem that things may actually be put into motion.

In addition to this, the group has launched a Ustream live TV channel so that fans can join in on the next reunion. According to GhaleonQ, who has kindly filled me in on Twitter, the live event will be a celebration of the Lovedelic era and will feature a chance to win rare Lovedelic merchandise via auction. There will also be a live discussion about how a sequel to Moon may be made. The notes on the Ustream page mention that fans have been asking whether the sequel will come to  PSP, 3DS or download but Nishi’s comments seem to suggest that it’s far too early for that kind of talk. More interestingly, GhaleonQ tells me that Lovedelic itself is not being reformed but that if Moon 2 is made it will be a co-production between the three creators. This obviously means that Nishi’s Route24 and Kudo’s Vanpool will be involved but I’m unsure how Kimura will participate, having just moved to Grasshopper. My assumption is that he will just operate in his free time under the Town Factory label. If anything happens at all.

Anyway, if the info on the Ustream page is correct then the event is set to broadcast on Tuesday the 21st of December for two hours. The starting time for us Brits is a little inconvenient, as it’s set for 10:30. For everyone else it should be less of a problem. American PST is 02:30, EST is 05:30 and Japan is 19:30. If you do tune in, and you’re fluent in Japanese, then please be sure to let me know how things unfold.

Also: As my personal life is still keeping me from maintaining this blog as much as I’d like, you probably be best following this NeoGAF thread for all your up to the minute Moon 2 news.


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