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Cubed3 has an excellent new interview with Yoshiro Kimura, in which he discusses the making of Little King’s Story as well as a few other Lovedelic related issues. It’s an interview that’s fueled a rumour about Moon being remade – a subject that’s obviously very exciting for myself and anyone who reads this blog.

But exactly how likely is such a remake to happen? I emailed Kimura-san to find out and here’s what he had to say. Please note – I’ve tidied up the language a little since Kimura struggled to answer a rather difficult question in English.

“Oh, these kinds of rumor happen often. But it is half correct and half wrong. I do have an ambition to remake Moon. But, at the same time, I want to make something new immediately. I love my work both past and future. If I can remake something, someday then I wish it could be Moon or Chulip. But I do not know when I can realize such an ambition.

And I want to know that, if I remake Moon, who would want to play and how many people would love it? It was so nice for me during the Moon days.. it was a very important era of my life. Once I start to remember those days, tears drop from my eyes with happiness. I can honestly talk to people. I want play Moon again also, but it is so dificult for me to build a new version of Moon at this moment.”

There you have it. Kimura-san would love to create a remake of Moon (and even Chulip as it turns out) but it is not worth pursuing unless there is significant fan demand. So if you’d like to see a Moon remake more than a brand new and original project then you’re going to have to spread the word. Blog about it, write letters to games magazines and tell publishers like Marvelous, Rising Star and XSeed that you want to play a new version of Moon, and in English too.
And don’t forget to comment here too. I’m interested to hear if you’d like to play a remake or a brand new game. Let me know.

PS – If you’d like to read more from Kimura then check out the mini-feature he wrote about the making of Little King’s Story for Gamasutra. There are some neat revelations about the changes that were made along the way.


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