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IMG_1317You may recall that last year, veteran games journalist John Szczepaniak raised enough money through Kickstarter to travel to Japan and interview a wealth of games industry professionals for his book, The Untold History Of Japanese Game Developers.

Well he also took a video camera along with him on the trip and has just released a DVD documentary of the same name, which functions not only as a companion to the book but also as teaser for it.

I received a copy of the DVD this week and have to say that it’s a fantastic independent documentary. At 4 hours in length and covering a wide variety of nerdy topics, this isn’t a film for the casually interested games player but, if you’re reading this blog then I’d say you’ll find lots here to interest you – not least because the awesome Yoshiro Kimura puts in an appearance.



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Everyone seems to be on Twitter these days, and the Lovedelic clan are no exception. A fair few of them spend all day tweeting away, so why not follow them? Ok, most of the posts are in Japanese but you’ll occasionally see something in English or a link to an interesting new project, maybe even a cryptic clue to a big secret.

Here are the Lovedelic Twitter accounts I’ve found so far, please add any more in the comments below if you know of them.

Kenichi Nishi of Route24 (formerly Skip)

Yoshiro Kimura of Grasshopper (formerly Marvelous, Punchline)

Kazuyuki Kurashima character designer for Lovedelic and Vanpool

Keita Eto of Skip

Ryuichi Sakamoto composer on Lack Of Love

Hiroshi Suzuki of Skip and Fieldsystem

Audio Inc (Contact, Sakura Note, Space Agency)

Vanpool (Endnesia, Tingle)

If you’d also like to follow yours truly then you can find me here. It’s my personal account so mostly contains my mindless ramblings but you may see something Lovedelic related from time to time.

Finally, I don’t believe this is a verified account.

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So the live Lovedelic reunion show has been and gone. I actually missed it since I was so busy at work (my last day before Christmas!) but all accounts indicate that the show was a huge success. A fairly large group of ex-Lovedelic team members gathered for fun and festivities in front of an online audience of around 800 die hard fans and auctioned off a bunch of rare, often unique, Moon and Lovedelic paraphernalia.

If, like me, you missed the event then you can catch a 2 hour recording here or browse GhaleonQ’s screen grabs of the auction here. Did the event do much to move along plans for the proposed sequel to Moon? I’m not seeing any evidence of that so far but it’s early days yet. These meetings have got to be a good sign, right?

In mostly unrelated news, by the way, I’d like to draw your attention to another grass roots sequel campaign going on right now. If you’re a fan of Sega’s Shining Force series (and why wouldn’t you be?) then you may like to head over to sos.shiningforcecentral.com where a group of fans are trying to convince Camelot to return to the series they created and develop the true Shining Force IV. Make it happen, for me!

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If you’re stuck for something to do while waiting for Captain Rainbow to be translated then I suggest you play Lovedelic’s rather excellent LOL: Lack Of Love on Dreamcast. It was never released outside of Japan but, unlike Captain Rainbow, it has no language barrier whatsoever. If you’ve already played it or not, you may also like to hear how this interesting little oddity was made. And for that you’ll be wanting this rather fine gamesTM feature written by myself many moons ago and uploaded to the gTM website today.

Check it out.

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Just like it says in the title, Genki Videogames currently has a copy of LOL: Lack Of Love in stock. At £54.99 it’s definitely not cheap but the game seems to be getting rarer all the time and it is, like I need to remind you, one of the greatest games ever made.

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Cubed3 has an excellent new interview with Yoshiro Kimura, in which he discusses the making of Little King’s Story as well as a few other Lovedelic related issues. It’s an interview that’s fueled a rumour about Moon being remade – a subject that’s obviously very exciting for myself and anyone who reads this blog.

But exactly how likely is such a remake to happen? I emailed Kimura-san to find out and here’s what he had to say. Please note – I’ve tidied up the language a little since Kimura struggled to answer a rather difficult question in English.

“Oh, these kinds of rumor happen often. But it is half correct and half wrong. I do have an ambition to remake Moon. But, at the same time, I want to make something new immediately. I love my work both past and future. If I can remake something, someday then I wish it could be Moon or Chulip. But I do not know when I can realize such an ambition.

And I want to know that, if I remake Moon, who would want to play and how many people would love it? It was so nice for me during the Moon days.. it was a very important era of my life. Once I start to remember those days, tears drop from my eyes with happiness. I can honestly talk to people. I want play Moon again also, but it is so dificult for me to build a new version of Moon at this moment.”

There you have it. Kimura-san would love to create a remake of Moon (and even Chulip as it turns out) but it is not worth pursuing unless there is significant fan demand. So if you’d like to see a Moon remake more than a brand new and original project then you’re going to have to spread the word. Blog about it, write letters to games magazines and tell publishers like Marvelous, Rising Star and XSeed that you want to play a new version of Moon, and in English too.
And don’t forget to comment here too. I’m interested to hear if you’d like to play a remake or a brand new game. Let me know.

PS – If you’d like to read more from Kimura then check out the mini-feature he wrote about the making of Little King’s Story for Gamasutra. There are some neat revelations about the changes that were made along the way.

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